Simple Pleasures

The New Exhibition
December 2015
Gallery 8, Duke Street, St James’s, London, SW1Y 6BN

Dear Friends,

In this exhibition I have put together different themes and styles of paintings. My previous exhibitions, ‘Flowers’ in 2003, at Cork Street Gallery and ‘Come to the Circus’ in 2008 at Partridges in Bond Street, stuck to their subject. This time, this exhibition is different.
Under the Umbrella title “Simple Pleasures” groups of varying subjects and styles come together ranging from ‘Queen of the Night’ a flamboyant fantasy of giant exotic plants and a pale, ethereal Queen.
Two aspects of ‘In the Garden of Eden’ : The first in full, glorious colours and the second in black, white and grey.
The twin paintings ‘Early Bird’ and ‘Finders Keepers’ remind us all to get a move on if we wish to achieve our goals.
The homely scene of ‘A Country Kitchen’ welcomes the viewer into a warm and comforting room, in comparison again with the flirtatious ‘Modern Odalisque’ and the Art Deco inspired ‘Three Modern Muses’, a trio of very fashion conscious young ladies.
Complete changes of scene and period embrace a group of Art Deco, 20’s and 30’s inspired drawings in pen and ink with additions of restrained colour details. Here the pictures tend to tell little stories of their own; ‘Sweet Dreams’ shows a young girl who has fallen asleep under a tree where lovers notes have been tied to its branches. The sleeper smiles, so she is evidently enjoying her dream.
Another young man plucks petals from a flower, ‘she loves me, she loves me not….’ The black/white/grey and colour combination continues with ‘Red Lips’ and ‘At the Gate’.
The observer is left wondering where this gate will lead…. ‘Garden Party’ speaks for itself; the Jazz Age continues.
‘A day on the Country’ is a theme which suites both black & white and full colour. Languid, fashionable ladies of the period with their Rolls Royce visit a friend’s castle and enjoy refreshments from an Art Deco tea-set.
By way of a complete change of mood, five cat themes come next. Let them speak (or meaou) for themselves.
A holiday break follows with a brief visit to a ‘Greek Island’ and ‘Ski scenes on the Slopes’
A duo of portraits, and then a new step for me, into geometric works which allow a free rein with different moods of colour and a mathematical way with shapes.
The Exhibition closes with one almost classical ‘Madonna and Child’ and the hope that you, my audience, have enjoyed ‘Simple Pleasures’.

Full Colour

Pen and Ink